Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Could Your Clinic Do With Just a Bit of Funding?

I've been thinking about how I wish abortion clinics got more funding. It sure would be nice if RFAs went out - publicaly - on a fairly regular basis, for clinics. Of course, this doesn't happen much and it's a shame. If my clinic could get a good influx of money, I would love to see some of the things at other surgi-centers I've seen recently.

For example, really nice, big, cushy recovery/pre-op chairs. Chairs where you can do the labwork, but also recover in. Warm blankets. Comfy socks for each woman with no-slip little soles. Perhaps a little duffel bag women can take home (a place to put their clothes when they undress from the waist down, instead of having to put them on a chair for all to see. It would be a convenient place for the meds to go, too!). Perhaps gift baskets for overnight clients who use contracted hotels that offer a discounted rate for our clinic's women. Something simple could be in that basket: some fruit, maybe some crackers or juice to have after their abortion. A thank you note. Follow-up calls for all clients the very next day to check-in on them and see how they're doing. Maybe a website for a "registered clients only" section with a question board so clients can chat - kinda of like yahoo groups or something - where staff respond to any inquires.

Oh! Electronic Medical Records for all! Including a way to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies!

Other streamlined physicians offices do these sorts of things. Okay, not normal physician offices, but some surgi-centers do.

...seriously, my wish list would look a lot larger than this, but imagine what could be done with just a bit of funding!

Just AboutAGirl dreaming again. Bill Gates? Warren Buffet?? Anyone listening? FUND ABORTION CLINICS.

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  1. I LOVE these ideas. I've been quietly adding to my own abortion clinic wish list, what I would do if I owned my own clinic - and happened to be rich, ha ha. My favorite idea so far is the one from this blog about the heated massage chairs in recovery. Amazing! The only problem is clients wouldn't want to leave. ;)


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