Friday, January 29, 2010


Guilty on all counts.

I tried not to pay a lot of attention to the trial of Scott Roeder, now convicted of 1st degree murder for killing Dr. George Tiller. I read a little bit of news on it and read some of Roeder’s testimony. I am amazed that someone who talks about how murder is wrong, and that only the “heavenly father” can take a life, spent so much time thinking through how he was going to kill Dr. Tiller.

Today he has been found guilty. His sentencing will be in March.

It’s weird to say that justice has been served. It certainly doesn’t make me feel any better. But at least the antis are being shown that they can’t murder our doctors, our clinic staff, and get away with it. Scott Roeder is a murderer, he cannot justify it, and now he will pay his court mandated consequences – nothing in comparison to what we have suffered.

Now if only we could go after the anti groups that spew hatred and are also responsible for actions like these. Let’s tell Randall Terry, Troy Newman, Fox News, etc. that it’s not ok to incite violence, it’s not ok to justify killing our co-workers.


  1. This is why I am so grateful you do what you do. You were the one who helped me and my wife when we needed to access such services after suffering the tirades of the antis out front. My wife said it was like a gauntlet at a biker's bar w/out the pool table, one where you get to suffer insults snickers and interference. When I am ready to retire in a few years I will take over a job at a clinic.

  2. Agreed.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited that the process went so swiftly. But I seem to have a "drop-in-the-bucket" kind of cynicism when it comes to advances in the pro-choice movement.

    The road to justice is a long one.

  3. IronDog, thanks again for your kind words. It would be awesome if all patients and patients' families were committed to supporting their providers! Let us know when you're ready to look for that clinic job :)

  4. I feel the same way. Someone can step up and take his place as a doctor, but no one can replace him as a husband, father, grandfather, and friend. It's great that the terrorist is going to be locked up in jail, but I can't help but to ask myself this: How many more providers will sacrifice their lives?


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