Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Walk to Work

Jesus loves you!
Doesn't carry well
through the misty
Saturday morning air
that smells like
leaves and otherwise
like hope.
You have a beautiful life!
You should be GIVING life!
I am.
I give it to women 
daily.  I help
to give their lives back. 
I do have
a beautiful life.
Your mother didn't abort you!
But she wanted me and
she had a choice.
As a child, a child of God, 
you didn't dream of growing up to do this!
I never dreamed
that I would be
so lucky as to do this work.

He prays 
silent prayers at my back
and I pray back
to my pro-choice God
to deflect 
his hatred.
Push my cheap
faux tortoise shell
abortioneer sunglasses
up on my nose,
from the camera
pointed at my profile.
As long as
he doesn't capture
Give me the burden 
of the hate
as long as
I don't collapse.

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