Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mile a Minute

Lots of abortiony thoughts passing through my head lately. Had to accumulate them over the course of two weeks while waiting to post. Anxious! Unfortunately I have since forgotten some of them, but a couple stood out:

Abortiony Thought 1: Was doing some teaching recently when one of my pupils came across a new vocab word: Proliferate. I try, as I always do, to break down the etymology of words so they can put meanings together. Embrace your Latin and Greek roots, folks!

Upon closer examination of the word, trying to isolate a meaningful prefix, what do I find but the following: PROLIFE! RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT OF THE WORD! I had never noticed this before! The students and I shared a larf, but I was so tickled by that strange coincidence. Oh, how the pro-lifers love to proliferate. Proliferate unwanted, uncared-for children; proliferate poverty among single/unemployed/uneducated/all-of-the-above mothers; proliferate violence against people and facilities working within the boundaries of the law; proliferate HATRED towards those who support a woman's right to choose.

And so on.

Abortiony Thought 2 (SPOILER ALERT): Caught a glimpse of the Spring Awakening tour. Can't say I loved this show; as a lover of musical theater I thought it left something to be desired. But the central concern of the show is adults' and parents' refusal to discuss the facts of life with youth. Pubescent boy meets comely girl, girl bears child, mom sends girl to sketchy old man up the street, girl sings with the angels. I'm sure this is not unheard 1890s Germany. And I could tell that it gave folks the impression of "phew! Glad that's not an issue 120 years later!" So it would seem.

Today, a whole century later, many parents still believe that their children are stupid. That their daughters are satisfied that their monthly hemorrhaging is God's gift. That their sons don't wonder what Jane from 5th period looks like in a sweater. That good old fashioned values will keep kids out of the sack.


To this day, I don't think I've ever met a virgin. And it's not even because I hang around with a bunch of immoral degenerates. Even the people I know who claim never to have had intercourse have experimented in myriad other sexually satisfying routines. SEX HAPPENS. TO YOUR CHILDREN. No need to belabor this point. Agreed?

Just some things to think about. Feel free to share your random abortiony thoughts below!

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