Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finding your inner motherhood

Lately, when I run I feel as though I’m training for battle. As if the next time a plane strikes or a dirty bomb explodes, I’ll be whizzing out of town like a horse. A fish in a hurricane.  A rock in a tornado. A bird if ever a fire.

I am training for battle.

I see the capacity to provide heath care resources and dignified abortion care to potential, eventual and actual mothers dwindling so ferociously that I have become ferocious. My heart feels broken. I have become sad and scared, wary/weary. Primal. I don’t sleep much for this and when I dream, I dream I’m in love again.

Once I was just a light fairy. I know I’m pro-life.

I’m also pro-abortion and believe there are not enough abortions occurring in this world. I know women who want to safely terminate their pregnancies who cannot obtain assistance. I know of women who die from clandestine abortions. I know women who try not to get pregnant, who don’t know how to not get pregnant, who get pregnant because they were raped, who wanted their dead still-gestating baby.

We have created a society that coerces women into roles that they are blatantly requesting from the depths of their guts not to fulfill. I'm pro-abortion because I listen. I’m pro-abortion because I am pro-life.

I believe that Abortion helps women.*

I believe the world can be beautiful for everyone and I don’t want to fight about it anymore. I want to run simply because when I run I catch the wind at a new frequency, because I see more trees. 

* Note: Abortioneer is directly quoting footage of Dr. Jeannie Ludlow from The Coat Hanger Project but said abortioneer is one of hundreds of abortioneers both personally and initially inspired and guided by Dr. Ludlow in ways of abortioneering so this direct quote is also a timeless creed...

**Picture note: In addition to running, abortioneer also likes to lie in grass to see the trees

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  1. Holy cow I was thinking these exact things this morning. Exactly! I <3 abortion because I <3 life!


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