Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Got the hots for choice

There had been some talk among Abortioneers in the past about dating and relationships, and how an anti-choice position would be a dealbreaker among potential mates. This then led to the imagining of a pro-choice dating service, where pro-choice folks can meet each other and fall hopelessly in love (or just hook up, whatever), without having to have the awkward conversation about "what you do" which may then lead to another awkward conversation, at the end of which you get dumped and stuck with the bill.

The horror!

Fear not, lovers of dudes, because I've found some prospectives who just might get your juices flowing!  I'd also like to hear some love from our dude readers out there, who aren't afraid to say "Yo, what's up with all these injustices toward women and reproductive freedom?"

Thanks, dudes! (Oh yeah, and RG)

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