Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes I would rather write about butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns:

I resonate with About A Girl's post from Sunday. I often choose not to be the constant defender of abortion. I live my life, I choose to work in a field that I know has chosen me. I often do have conversations about abortion that offer folks perspective they may not have considered. At the same time, I refuse to take the whole world on in regards to abortion. Sometimes I just can't debate what is not debatable for me.

I have an uncle I have not spoken to since the day I told him where I work. A cousin of mine married a republic who is conservative on many fronts. One day he says to me, "so what did you major in during college?" I told him, "Soicology with a minor in Psych." His response was, "so you really aren't using your degree then?" Of coarse I very quickly told him that there was lots of sociology and psychology involved in my daily work duties. I chose not to tell him I also make more money then him because I have my degree.

I know that so often as abortioneers being the most devout abortionista means defending abortion every day. Personally I choose to defend abortion by helping make sure they are available to women in my community. I cannot take on the whole world on.

I understand that most of us who work professionally are passionate about our work. The work, life, politics, etc balance is tricky and very unique to each individual. I know I am fighting for choice each time I am in the procedure room or each time I assist a woman in accessing abortion care. Each person has to find a way to make their own footprint in the world!

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  1. Sometimes I would too. My problem is that I just can't back down most of the time. Though I'm always civil, and I like to think rational and respectful, I am almost never silent. And I actually think that being silent is a quality I could afford to develop every once and a while.


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