Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All for One

I am a woman. I am presumably fertile. As are you. And you. And especially her. She's even had an abortion before. How unfortunate.

Some women don't get pregnant. They pray and wail and envy the ability to conceive that others so regret. One woman's trash, another's treasure. How unfortunate.

And yet, these women on opposite ends of the have something very much in common; the desire to be in control and the inability to do so. A woman's woe indeed.

So they play God to get what they want. Impede her own fertility. Take somebody else's. Both cost lots of money and are completely unnatural but damn, doesn't it feel good to get what you want out of (or into, as the case may be) your body. Take that, will of God. She's got bigger plans.

We women all want different things, but all to the same end: to get whatever it is we want however we can. And isn't that what women are good at? Chasing things and wrestling them to the ground and keeping a souvenir so we can point to it later and say "Yeah, I did that"?

Just a thought.


  1. heh, i wonder if any woman has wanted to keep her fetal tissue / spare embryos as a souvenir. ok kind of weird actually.

    on another weird note, the "unnatural" thing is why the catholic church officially opposes both birth control (including abortion, but not including the rhythm/billings method) and in-vitro fertilization. (however, i don't think they have taken a position on other fertility treatments?) so they agree with you...except they don't. i have tried to stop using "natural/unnatural" in my arguments for/against things precisely because people like the pope think that (a) they can define Nature and (b) it's such a big deal when something does not align with Nature. the pope-mobile isn't natural, man!

  2. Sometimes women want to keep their tissue for religious purposes; this is especially true of some Native American tribes where special ceremonies are performed.

  3. also i wasn't referring to a literal souvenir, but a figurative one. like a positive state of mind after the fact. but yes, collecting tissue is also awesome.


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